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Patterns of Pleasure

Nature abounds with patterns of pleasure. One of the intriguing things is that they seem to become more beautifully precise as one descends into what I call "small worlds".

My first "pattern of pleasure" was a much cherished plant fossil of a primitive plant called a Lycopod from the north of England. It proved to be my introduction to geology, and a vocation which subsequently took me all over the world.

On expeditions in search of precious metals and minerals it became my task to visually record and map what was seen. The ultimate goal being to make patterns visible.

Fine Art Photogaphy

A lifelong fascination with patterns has now opened up a new journey as I explore ways to capture the beauty of nature into timeless imagery.

The intention is simply to share the pleasure of patterns I see, and to freeze the moment lest it  disappear for none to see.


Helping to Change a Different Kind of "Small World"

One of the things I find hardest to imagine is never being introduced to the beauty of nature as a child. Many of the children attending educares my wife and I work with in Mfuleni, near Cape Town International Airport have little opportunity to learn to appreciate the natural world. You can help to change that when you purchase any of my pictures.

I donate 20 percent of the profit of each sale to Starting Chance to contribute to outings for the educares. 


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